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THE GONE-AWAY WORLD [modplot/signups]


While on the run, criminals discover a world where they can create anything by willing it into existence! They cannot directly affect people, nor can anything they create be taken off-world, but while they're there, they can live like kings. Will the Legion be able to combat crime on a world where everyone's wills define reality? Set during "The Ninth Gate" and "Total Eclipso The Heart."




In a world war on the planet Tezeram, both factions used a new and terrible weapon called "Go-Away" bombs. These bombs caused whatever they were fired at to simply cease existing - except the bombs had an unforeseen effect. Instead of simply destroying matter, the bombs stripped away the information that told matter what to be. Lacking the original information that gave it shape, this leftover formless matter then started responding to the thoughts of those around it, taking on the shape of their conscious thoughts and subconscious fears.

This turned Tezeram into an ever-shifting wasteland, molded by the thoughts of its surviving inhabitants. Blocked off from the other Affiliated Planets, Tezeram has now become a refuge from criminals from the UP and AP seeking escape from the authorities of both interplanetary governments.

The 10-year-old twin sons of an important Winathian politician have been kidnapped, held for ransom, and hidden on Tezeram. Every agent of the Affiliated Planets that has gone to retrieve them hasn't come back. Their father has now asked for the Legion's help in retrieving them, and if they comply, not only will two innocent children be saved, but he's willing to push for Winath and the AP to open up treaty talks and consider the reunification of the AP worlds with the United Planets.

Upon arrival to Tezeram's atmosphere, the Legion's cruiser will crash, leaving the group split up as they make their way to the criminals' base. They'll have to use their imaginations to make their way through the surreal landscape and face the criminal gang's forces to save the day. If they can overpower their stranglehold on Tezeram, they'll be able to will the cruiser into being repaired and return back to the UP.


Tezeram's landscape is mutable, constantly shifting and changing based on the thoughts of the people that live in it. This sometimes leads to breathtakingly beautiful sights but people's fears also twist parts of it into waking nightmares. And in other places, the landscape is completely surreal and nonsensical.

While reality can ripple and change without someone trying to change it, it can also be changed through sheer force of will and morph to match an individual's imagination. The stronger their force of will, the more control they have over the landscape, and the more imaginative they are, the more weapons have in their arsenal. The Legionnaires must out-will and out-imagine their enemies if they have any chance of finding the kidnapped children and getting off Tezeram alive.


Some of the team's gear will not be functioning well due to the strange nature of the planet

Omnicoms: While character will retain their omnnicoms, they'll find them with limited functionality, with signal that isn't as strong as usual. They'll be able to communicate with other Legionnaires on Tezeram but not with Legion World.

Flight rings: Flight rings will work for the most part but Legionnaires may occasionally run into circumstances where gravity works differently, making it so they won't work.


The mods will npc the threats of the landscape and the npc kidnappers.


This plot is an opt-in mission. Characters that don't opt in can be on other missions or back on Legion World.


This plot has a time limit. The tasks in the plot must be completed by the plot end date or else the mods will treat the attempt to rescue the two children as failed. It's possible for plotgoers to get an extension if they're at least still actively tagging by that date, but for the most part, we expect players to only sign up if they think they will be available to rp during the course of the plot and feel they have the ability to tag at least once a day.

The degree that the children will be saved will be decided by how many pairs manage to complete their tasks and manage to successfully defeat the kidnappers. If no pairs complete their tasks, or make choices that cause them to fail, both children will die. If only one group succeeds, only one child will survive. If two succeed, both will survive but be deeply traumatized. If all the pairs complete their tasks and make choices that cause them to succeed, both children will survive and be okay.

(If less than 6 people sign up for the plot, this will be adapted slightly for a smaller group.)


There are no OOC limitations on who can sign up regarding the Activity Bonus. However, characters participating in this plot can't also be signed up for "The Ninth Gate," as they take place at the same time. Only 6 characters will be selected, and players may only submit (1) character for RNG. Characters will be RNGed into pairs to work that must work together through the course of the plot.

Players may sign a character up for "Total Eclipso the Heart" alongside this plot, but only as a backup on the off-chance they are not selected for this plot. Please note in both sign ups that this is the case. If your character is RNGed into this plot, the mods will delete their sign up from "Total Eclipso." If they are not RNGed for this plot, their signup in "Total Eclipso" will be left in place and they'll be RNGed for possible participation in the RNGed parts there.


Sign up for the plot is open until: 9/20/17 11:59 PM EST

Plot will go up: 9/20/17

Please direct signups, questions, concerns, plotting and other issues to the comments below.
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Signing up Dipper!
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Signing up Barry.
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Signing up Locus.
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Signing up America.
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Cortana, but I'm not married to it, so if we get more than six signups, take me out of the RNG pool and I'll just slide over to Total Eclipso. ETA: If that's allowed with me already having Shepard in Total Eclipso. Otherwise Cortana will be at home organizing her digital sock drawer.
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Signing up North, with Eclipso as backup
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Signing up Bunny for this one.