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This is the periodic Gamewide HMD meme!

The Gamewide HMD is optional. If you opt out of participating in the gamewide hmd, please at least have an hmd up in your journal.

This is not a love meme but it is okay to tell a player they're doing well. Please also keep this constructive and let them know what it is you like so they know to keep doing it.

If you ask for crit please also give some to other players. While we can't enforce this because some of it will be anon, the mod team would like to ask players to please try to give at least (3) other players crit.

Please keep crit polite and constructive.

Please escalate severe or repeat issues to the mods, if appropriate. If repeated attempts at constructive crit don't bear any fruit, there are rules for the many possible causes of this: bad player behavior, ICA=ICC, IC /=OOC, characters having to be IC, etc. If frustrating problems consistently happen without any improvement, it is possible they're verging on a rule break, so if that is the case, rather than letting things devolve into hostility, please escalate things and contact the mods to see what steps can be taken next.
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