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THE NINTH GATE - [modplot/signups]


Several Legionnaires go undercover to infiltrate the Catastrophists, in an attempt to find out more of their plans, and see if their recent uptick in activity has ties to Chronoblivion. In the course of the mission, they'll have a chance to stop a potential terrorist attack meant to distract the Science Police away from Apokolips. If the Legionnaires succeed, the attack will be averted and they may find out vital information about the Catastrophist and Chronoblivion. If they fail, hundreds could die. Set during "Total Eclipso The Heart" and "The Gone-Away World."




After being tipped off from a criminal contact about a Catastrophist recruitment drive on Rimbor, several Legionnaires must infiltrate the Catastrophists using holographic disguises and earn enough trust to be able to get in position to stop a planned terrorist attack on Earth. Rather than using force the group must use deception and espionage to sabotage the Catastrophists' plans.


Legionnaires will go to one of the Catastrophists recruitment drives and be brought to one of their secret bases on Rimbor. They must successfully survive and fake their way through their initiation rituals and then undermine the terrorist group's plan for a massive attack on Earth.


Legionnaires will not have any of their usual gear due to being deep undercover. This means they won't have omnicoms, flight rings, transuits, or any other equipment identifiable as Legion equipment. They'll only have telepathic earplugs and technology used to help disguise them: hard-light hologram disguises (in the form of subdermal implants), sensor cloaks that make their vitals match their fake forms, and forms of identification that link up to false identities that have been created for them.


The mods will npc the the Catastrophists.


This plot is an opt-in mission. Characters that don't opt in can be on other missions or back on Legion World.


This plot has a time limit. The tasks in the plot must be completed by the plot end date or else the mods will treat the attempt to stop the terrorists as failed, leading to the deaths of hundreds. It's possible for plot participants to get an extension if they're at least still actively tagging by that date, but for the most part, we expect players to only sign up if they think they will be available to RP during the course of the plot and feel they have the ability to tag at least once a day.

The proportion of people saved will be decided by how many pairs manage to complete their tasks and manage to successfully outmaneuver the cultists. If no pairs complete their tasks, or make choices that cause them to fail, no one will be saved. If some pairs complete their tasks, and make choices that cause them to succeed, some people will be saved. If all the pairs complete their tasks, and make choices that cause them to succeed, all possible victims will be saved.

(If less than 6 characters sign up, the mods will adapt the consequences appropriately).


There are no OOC limitations on who can sign up regarding the Activity Bonus. However, characters participating in this plot can't also be signed up for "The Gone-Away World," as they take place at the same time. Only 6 characters will be selected, and players may only submit (1) character for RNG. Characters will be RNGed into pairs to work that must work together through the course of the plot.

Players may sign a character up for "Total Eclipso the Heart" alongside this plot, but only as a backup on the off-chance they are not selected for this plot. Please note in both sign ups that this is the case. If your character is RNGed into this plot, the mods will delete their sign up from "Total Eclipso." If they are not RNGed for this plot, their signup in "Total Eclipso" will be left in place and they'll be RNGed for possible participation in the RNGed parts there.


Sign up for the plot is open until: 9/20/17 11:59 PM EST

Plot will go up: 9/20/17

Please direct signups, questions, concerns, plotting and other issues to the comments below.

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